Unifarm University Consortium (Consorzio Universitario Unifarm, UNIFARM) was founded in Catania in 2002 by Filippo Drago, Professor of Pharmacology at the School of Medicine, University of Catania, in cooperation with the University of Catania and twelve major multinational pharmaceutical companies. In the same year the Research Centre in Clinical Pharmacology the first in Central...read more

UNIFARM is a CRO registered at  the Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco (Italian Authority for Drugs, AIFA), compliant with the requirements of the DM (Ministerial Decree) dated March 31, 2008 on clinical trials and therefore able to provide services such as: clinical study design; project management; preparation of study protocols and other regulatory documents; approval procedures...read more

UNIFARM has implemented a Quality System in line with national and international regulations to ensure high level of service and client satisfaction. Indeed, this is one of the main objectives of UNIFARM and is constantly pursued through the involvement of all the personnel in a quality process based on the assumption of individual responsibility, as well as through the implementation of systems and procedures...read more

Quality Assurance Consulting

The personnel of the QA department is highly experienced in GCP and GLP and is in compliance with the requirements of the DM dated March 31, 2008.

QA department is responsible for:
implementing the quality system according to national and international regulations;
assuring the SOP application and the service adherence to client needs;
improving the efficiency of the processes and UNIFARM organization;
improving the personnel competence in order to increase the skill level and the quality of the services provided.
To achieve the above targets the QA department:
implements, manages and controls the documentation of the quality system;
audits and evaluates the performance of the quality system;
implements preventive and corrective actions to maintain the quality system;
manages possible non-conformities;
performs study-specific and system audits;
provides training;
presents the quality system to third parties;
is responsible for the relationship with authorities.Quality Assurance Consulting


Unifarm è un Centro di Saggio (CdS) certificato dal Ministero della Salute,
in Buona Pratica di Laboratorio (BPL)